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What Animals Tell Us About Pasteurized Milk

Posted by editor | Healthy Food | Friday 28 January 2011 6:08 pm

Did you know that baby goats can’t live on “store-bought” milk (pasteurized, homogenized)? In fact, discovered our local raw-dairy neighbors, it will kill them, at least as demonstrated in their own experience. To read the story, see our recent post at More Than Gluten about “Store-Bought Milk and Dead Baby Goats,” categorized under “Gluten and Diary.”

Another story we heard recently from our raw-dairy neighbors involves one of their good friends, dogs, cats, raw milk, and a veterinarian.

A long-time cow-dairy farmer nearby normally has some 20 or so cats in his barn. In the country, we refer to them as “mousers.” The dairyman has always poured fresh, raw cow milk into a big container for the cats, who come running everyday to devour it. A “conventional” vet was in the barn one day to witness this ritual and commented that raw milk would kill dogs and cats. In fact, the vet continued to harp on the subject. The dairyman, a man of few words, finally stated that those cats were there of their own free will and they could leave anytime they felt the need.

We’re not sure where the vet got this opinion. We relate the story because we know the people personally and do not doubt the story. Obviously, the cats (and our own dog and cat) do just fine on raw cow and/or goat milk. Our dog loves it. We recently noticed a raw-food website for dogs and cats that recommended raw milk for dogs and cats.

People and animals have consumed raw milk from cows, goats, sheep, horses, llamas and camels for thousands of years. Simple sanitation suffices, as we know from 11 years of buying raw goat milk from a number of backyard hand milkers. When a milking machine is used, say our certified raw-dairy friends, that machine and all the tubes must be meticulously cleaned each time (which they do) and their milk is wonderful for human adults, kids, and babies (as we can attest) as well as for baby goats, dogs, and cats.

Know your supplier, and enjoy your raw milk!


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